The Blind Frog Ranch Tour is an Interactive 3 Hour Adventure that takes you and your friends in our luxury Tour Van (a 12 passenger 4×4 Van) up and into the Ranch. Depending on weather conditions you will experience at least 7 stopping points getting you behind the scenes details and little known facts about the property. Walk the ranch and even soak in the healing waters of the Ancient Tunnel’s pond. Dig and sift for Ancient Aztec beads. Be exclusive guests on Duane and Chad Ollinger’s Ranch as seen on the hit TV show Mystery at Blind Frog Ranch on Discovery Network Television.

VIP Tours -

When you purchase the exclusive VIP Tour get ready for the complete Blind Frog Ranch Tour experience!

Reglular Tour -

Purchasing the regular tour ticket gets you access to the ranch and 7 actual stops, plus a swim in the famous pond!